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An update and a question.

Posted by icegodlike77 - June 29th, 2022

Heya guys, Ricardo here.

So, I've got few to no ideas on what to draw. As I'm writting this, I might have started working on uploading a new drawing just to act as a filler, although it's a drawing I made from boredom and lack of new things to draw, so I'm not really proud of it.

So that's why I'm asking this to you guys: would you like if I restarted remaking and working on the AsterReicH comic I've told you guys countless times on my drawings? Heck, maybe even starting giving a hint of my universe with some comedic comic strips? I would really like hearing from you guys, cuz I'm desperate! ^^;

Also, I'm looking for help on some original, clever and funny jokes that aren't overused or may be not funny for being too mainstream, so that if I start the comic strips, I can have some bullets loaded my magazine and ready to fire with hilarious results, if ya know what I mean. ;)

Anyways, that's all! Will be waiting for your opinions, guys, cuz I'm hella ready, boi! :)

Stay sharp, tankheads!


PS: I will still be continuing sometimes on my normal drawings and in special ocasions too, like in the 4th July, in my birthday and in my mom's second marriage. I just need a little push so I can kickstart my working habits and gain more purpose here on Newgrounds. All help you guys can give to me I will accept and feel grateful for you, maybe even a free drawing! ^^




No idea what this comic is about. But sounds cool as heck, can't wait to see the remake!

It's a series that I developed in my head in a long time. It's called AsterReicH and it's about Ricardo Aster and his friends fighting in the Resistance against Ricardo's possessed brother Odracir, Lord of the Rogue Ones, who dominated the world with an iron fist and installed a chaocracy after the Aster royal family lost to him. Before they died and went back to The Creator's spiritual realm, the royal family created an underground city deep within Terra called New Hope, where the team of freedom fighters HQ is located. They will have to travel all around the world in missions, meeting new people that are relevant to the story and slowly start a revolution to liberate the people of Terra from Odracir's grasp. Also there will be dope ass fights between Ricardo and the forces of darkness, including the dark lord himself. There will be funny moments, emotional moments, badass fighting scenes and even more stuff to come! I will eventualy need some outside help to manage time and work, but I'll try my best to make it in my own free time, so yeah! ^^ (PS: This took a heck lot of time to write, but it was worth it lol :p)

Hello, I wanted to ask you if you could draw an original character of mine that I have saved with a saved mask???

Hello there. I would really like to draw your character, since it looks really cool, but as of right now I don't do requests or commissions, because of personal and private reasons. Still, I do drawings from time to time when I have ideas and availability, so why not stick around? I like Madness Combat and guns from all eras, so yeah! :)